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Metrolinx Partnership Program

Partnerships Program

Metrolinx has two programs through which it offers support for projects related to transit and transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA): the Strategic Partnerships Program and the Community Partnerships Program.
Strategic Partnerships

Metrolinx is bringing about a new era of integrated and improved transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), and is interested in fostering dialogue about issues relating to transit and transportation in the region. We periodically seek expressions of interest from potential partner organizations that are interested in initiating projects to increase this dialogue.

Projects will be assessed with regard to their potential suitability and effectiveness at advancing one or more of Metrolinx’s strategic priorities:

∙ Building a comprehensive regional rapid transit network
∙ Enhancing and expanding active transportation
∙ Improving the efficiency of the road and highway network
∙ Creating an ambitious transportation demand management program
∙ Creating a customer-first transportation system
∙ Implementing an integrated transit fare system
∙ Building communities that are pedestrian, cycling and transit-supportive
∙ Planning for universal access
∙ Improving goods movement within the GTHA and with adjacent regions
∙ Committing to continuous improvement

By June 2013, Metrolinx must provide the province and heads of municipalities with a funding plan for The Big Move, our 25-year, $50 billion regional transportation plan. The Big Move is an integrated transportation plan that strives to enhance the region’s quality of life, its environment, and our prosperity.



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