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How Far Can You Cycle?

I read on the APBP discussion board that in the Netherlands, the policy is to promote bike for trips up to 7.5 km. In Portland the policy is to encourage bike travel for distances up to bike the most attractive travel mode for trips up to 6.4 km. What is the distance across Milton?

Cyclist safety on bicycle boulevards and parallel arterial routes in Berkeley, California Abstract This study compares the safety of bicyclists riding on bicycle boulevards to those riding on parallel arterial routes in Berkeley, California. Literature on the impact of motor vehicle traffic characteristics on cyclist safety shows that high motor vehicle speeds and volumes and the presence of heavy vehicles are all detrimental to cyclist safety. … Continue reading

Personal Health: Giving City Streets Built-In Safety Features

Another article from NY Times on importance of build-in design and its impact on health of residents

MTO Supportive Guidelines

MTO Transit Supportive Guidelines have been published. … 6. Improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure to increase convenient and comfortable access to transit. This is particularly important in post-war suburban neighbourhoods and employment areas where densities are low and distances between uses are greater. M D S … Transforming paved shoulders into designated bike lanes, … Continue reading

23.5 hours


Why Ride a Bike? Answers from St. Johns … It’s a fun and enjoyable activity whether you are commuting or going on a recreational ride. It’s a convenient and easy way to get you around – a door to door solution. Saves you time too! It gives you freedom and independence to go where and when you please. It saves you money as … Continue reading

Traffic Calming and Health

An interesting review of traffic calming measures and their impact on health and pollution. A strong support for mini round about solution in comparison to stop signs or multiple street bumps. CCNPPS > Publications > Urban Traffic Calming and Health: A Literature Review At the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP), our … Continue reading

TCAT Complete Streets – Call for Proposals Call for Proposals Is walkability, bikeability, mobility, or livability part of your work? The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation is looking for presenters for the 2012 Complete Streets Forum. In its fifth year, the goal of the upcoming Forum is to accelerate the implementation of Complete Streets across Canada. To achieve this goal, we … Continue reading

Dundas Corridor Update Thank you for your email regarding the Dundas Street (Regional Road 5) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Study from Brant Street (Regional Road 18) to Trafalgar Road (Regional Road 3) within the City of Burlington and Town of Oakville. The Region is committed to implementing both on-road and off-road Active Transportation (AT) facilities for both … Continue reading


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